Refractive Cataract Surgery


Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery - the latest exciting innovation!

Removing cataracts surgically is the only option. Dr Barbour performs cataract surgery at several local hospitals and surgery centers on an outpatient basis. In most cases, Dr. Barbour anesthetizes the eye with topical anesthetics and combines a clear corneal incision with  a procedure called Phacoemulsification.  Using this small incision surgical technique, a special instrument uses sound waves (ultrasound) to break apart the cataract and remove it. An intraocular lens (implant) is inserted at the time of cataract removal as a replacement for the natural lens that was cloudy.  Small incision cataract surgery which does not require any stitches means a shorter recovery time so you can see clearly right away. After your eye has healed from the surgery, a change in your eyeglasses will be necessary to insure the sharpest vision. 

There are some exciting options available for patients considering cataract surgery.  Dr. Barbour is trained on the  Lensar and Catalyst femtosecond laser systems which are the newest surgical methods for assisted cataract surgery.  The Lensar laser system was the first femtosecond laser to gain approval for cataract surgery.  The laser is directed to make the entry incisions and correct astigmatism at he time of cataract surgery. To learn more about femtosecond cataract surgery visit

There are several options available for the type of implant that patients may choose to enhance their vision or become less dependent on glasses.  The 'multifocal' or 'accommodating' type of  implant helps patients achieve maximum vision potential with focusing capabilities for distance, intermediate and near.  The 'toric' implant corrects astigmatism.  Dr. Barbour uses both the 'multifocal' and 'toric' implants to help you achieve your goals of becoming less dependent on glasses. Alternatively, astigmatism may be corrected using the Lensar laser system and an 'accommodating' implant can be implanted at the same time to reduce the need for glasses.