Sunglasses are a very important part of maintaining eye health.

 They help protect your eyes from the wind, pollution, and the harmful effects of the sun.


Look for these signs of quality.  Superior quality frames and lenses undergo a series of rigorous tests during production that ensure these quality advantages:

• Lenses stay securely in place

• Frames maintain their shape

• Colors remain vibrant

• Metals resist corrosion

Better fit, superior strength, and absolute comfort are several of the most important features inherent in high quality sunglasses. Lenses for every lifestyle. Today’s state of the art lens technologies ensure distortion-free vision and exceptional comfort and protection. From optical quality glass lenses and scratchproof CR-39 plastic, to durable Polycarbonate and APX, there are a wide variety of lens types and coatings designed for every need:

Polarized Lenses are ideal for anyone who spends time outdoors. Whether you play tennis, golf, bike or love to sail, polarized lenses reduce glare and sharpen vision, ensuring:

• Enhanced color contrast

• Increased depth perception

• Sharpened details

• Highest optical quality

• 100% UV protection

Glare is especially distracting – even dangerous – when driving. Polarized lenses are an excellent choice for driving as they reduce reflections from road surfaces, buildings, dust and car windshields, providing clear comfortable vision.

Other lens choices include:

• Anti-Reflective Coatings also reduce reflected glare and offer better vision and enhanced cosmetics.

• Photochromic Lenses change from lighter to darker in intense sunlight, making them great for those who go in and out of doors frequently.

• Blue-Blocking Lenses filter out blue light protecting against damage and increasing visual acuity.

• Mirrored Lenses screen out glare for added comfort.

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